Forecasting and analysis diagnostics (password)

India forecast South Asia forecast
India analysis South Asia analysis

Rainfall products

NCMRWF daily rain (these are accumulated 3UTC-3UTC or 0830IST-0830IST, thus largely reflects previous day).
PERSIANN daily rainfall (global; 0UTC-23:59UTC).

Satellite imagery

Indian Kalpana (INC GWS restricted password)
satellite overpass predictor (INC GWS restricted password; CloudSat etc.)

DWR images

IMD DWR images
Lucknow DWR Direct link to surface rainfall intensity (working as of 24 May)

IMD links

IMD onset progression
Daily weather PDF and forecast
Monsoon page
IMD press releases

Soil moisture

Latest AMSR2 soil moisture


See climatologies of rainfall, RH and vertically integrated moisture fluxes.
MODIS LST climatologies (and related; requires password)

Flying forecasts

Flying forecasts page (password) direct link to above sub-page
NCMRWF forecasts NCUM, NGFS etc.
IITM Extended Range prediction


NCEP global monsoon page
NCEP MJO current & forecasts

Other products

Leeds page (Mansi Bhowmick's links.)

Daily forecast briefings

UK-sent powerpoints NCMRWF powerpoints hotel-made powerpoints

Sortie briefs

INCOMPASS and SWAAMI sortie briefs (INCOMPASS GWS restricted password; for those without Dropbox access)
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