NOC NEMO Output Delivered through Jasmin


NOC NEMO Output Delivered through Jasmin

These pages provide access to a southern ocean subset of the NEMO model, generated by the NOC Marine System Modelling group on HECToR/ARCHER, the UK National supercomputing Service (

These data are available for public download and use. Use of these data falls under the Open Government data license, which can be seen here, and all users must comply with this license, which is in line with the NERC data policy.

Available Runs

Global 1/12th degree forced ocean configuration (ORCA0083)

ORCA0083-N06: Climatological (2000-2009) monthly mean 1/12 degree NEMO model, forced using the Drakkar Forcing Set (DFS), starting in 1978. Also includes for use with ARIANE.

Run tag: ORCA0083-N06

Spatial resolution: 0.0083 deg (1/12 deg)

Temporal Resolution: monthly data are available.

Data Format: NetCDF-4

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