NCEO - SST-CCI products

NCEO monthly 0.25 degree L3S SST based on ESA SST CCI Phase-II experimental (EXP1.2) products. These are experimental products which are still under development. If you make use of these data then please let us know via email at:

Note - the AVHRR data in EXP1.2 are not fully independent from in situ SST observations. Users requiring independent satellite SST obervations should use the Phase-I SST-CCI data available from ESA CCI, or wait for the official Phase-II release in mid 2018.

Anomalies are relative to a 15-year climatology calculated from the data in period 1996-2010.

For validation and assessment of the SST-CCI EXP1.2 data see reports: SST_CCI-PVIR-UoL-201 and SST_CCI-CAR-UKMO-201 available from the SST CCI Documentation page.

If you use these data in a publication, then please include the following statement and refer to the paper in the main text:

Data created by funding from the European Space Agency (Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative) and the UK National Centre for Earth Observation, aggregated from data based on those described in Merchant, C. J., Embury, O., Roberts-Jones, J., Fiedler, E., Bulgin, C. E., Corlett, G. K., Good, S., McLaren, A., Rayner, N., Morak-Bozzo, S. and Donlon, C. (2014) Sea surface temperature datasets for climate applications from Phase 1 of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative (SST CCI). Geoscience Data Journal, 1: 179-191. doi: 10.1002/gdj3.20


Global SST anomaly timeseries
Global SST anomaly timeseries
Nino 1+2 timeseries Nino 3 timeseries
Nino 3.4 timeseries Nino 4 timeseries
El Nino indices
Dipole Mode Index (DMI) Tropical Atlantic Meridional SST gradient (TAMG)
Left: Dipole Mode Index (DMI). Right: Tropical Atlantic Meridional SST gradient (TAMG)
Latest annual SST anomaly
Latest annual SST anomaly. Previous maps
Latest monthly SST anomaly
Latest monthly SST anomaly. Previous maps